Monday, June 20, 2011


Today has been a beautiful day.  The temperature is perfect and the air conditioner doesn't need to run loudly, keeping the world out.  I love to hear the chirping birds, watch the hummingbirds sip from their feeder on the porch.

Some days, errands are a part of life.  Having a home-based business means honing in, staying focused.    But isn't one of the perks of owning your own business making your own hours?  So it's summer!  And it's lovely!  And there are errands to be run!

Part of balancing my day is taking that walk (with the dog?) or making the calls to get the medical insurance I need.  I mean, if I was behind a desk, when would I find the time?  Stealing minutes from my employer?

At least now I can make up hours in the evening or even Saturdays.  This past weekend, I spent 5 hours polishing up an article and submitting it.  What a great feeling!

I LOVE being home and my dream has always been to run a financially lucrative home-based business!  My children are grown and on their own.  It's ME time! 


  1. It is fun to be at this stage of life isn't it. Love your shop!

  2. It's really grand! Thanks Art Garden Diva!

  3. I agree, it's great. The only downside I have is knowing when to call it a day and get off the computer as there are no definite working hours. Certainly since trying to set all the networking things up I seem to spend all day and evening working but I guess once everything is up and running less time is required as it will just be promoting my pendants with occasionally having time to make some more - LOL


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