Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Today is the first day of my button bouquet blog!

Wow!  I've been needing to start this blog but as a crafter, aren't there a million things to do?!  I get so sucked into the computer that I need to plan to spend time making, creating my bouquets.  But if you don't market them, how will people know you have this wonderful product to sell?  So what's the balance? 

How do we decide what is most important and stick to a plan?  I've started to allot time limits for each thing that needs to be done.  Market on Etsy: 30 min; check email: 30 min, write: 1 hour; make bouquets: 2 hours.  This works as long as I follow it.  But don't you find that once you get to checking your emails or your site that one thing leads to another and Oh! That would be a great site to check out!  Ooh!  There's a great idea...

And so it goes.  

But is there anything I'd rather be doing?  No!  I'm so grateful that I'm home and not in a stuffy office!

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  1. Hi Angela...liked your blog very much...most needed info i got from your blog . Not pro with computers, Do calligraphy , papercraft,art...Just started my blog...


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