Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tutti Fruiti Summer!

I love summer.  I love the things you can do outside that wouldn't be as much fun any other time of year.  Splash and play.  Surf.  Ride the waves.  Okay, I guess water themes are on my mind!  I do enjoy the beach!

And the food!  I love watermelon and sweet strawberries, yummy blueberries.  They may be available at odd times of the year, but they are best when they are fresh and sweet!

The brilliant colors of the flowers - fushia, hot pink, purple, orange, yellow.  Oh, the world is so full of intense color in the gardens of summer.

Do you notice how people wear brighter colors in the summer?  The canary yellows and lilacs and raspberry colored tops. The children certainly dress in the lightest, airiest most fun outfits! 

This bouquet is a nod, a gift to summer.  It embraces all that summer is to me - fun, cheery, bright.  Think of is as a fun gift for a godchild, granddaughter, flower girl.  Or bring it to the hospital to bright someone's day!

I hope it cheers someone up because I enjoyed playing with the brightly colored and polka dotted buttons!

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