Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Thank you!

Today I'd like to briefly share on other bloggers who willingly give others a platform on which to promote our art!  Kudos to you!  It is so much appreciated and in this virtual world, so much needed!  Thanks to The Handmade Blog for giving me the opportunity to post my bracelets.  Thanks to Handmadeology for reposting my article on "5 Things I've learned from selling online."



Handmadeology is a beautiful blog to behold!  I truly enjoy the aesthetics of bloggers who've accomplished more than the simple blog I've been able to manage!

The Handmade Place is just a feast for the eyes!  Enjoy perusing the lovely dangle and charm bracelets and earrings being highlighted.

I love and appreciate that artists are supporting each other.  We are all trying not only for a piece of the pie, but for recognition! 

Feel free to check out these blogs and let them know they're loved!


1 comment:

  1. Loved your post on Handmadeology. Your photos ARE fabulous! And your work is amazing - what a unique and creative idea! I live in Charleston, one of the top destination wedding places in the US. Have you thought of contacting event planners or bridal shops down here?
    Good luck to you!


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