Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Branding: What is it? How to's.

Branding.  What exactly is that?  I recently learned that it is the new buzz word for marketing yourself or your products.  Here, Story Flagg, of "The Fashion Culturalist," offers some insights:

Why brand yourself? 
  • Branding creates a theme to help you focus on what your company or blog is really about.
  • Branding gives you a niche or edge against others with a similar idea or market
  • Branding cuts through the "white noise" on the internet, setting you apart from the rest.
How do I do it?
  • Start with the name of your company.  What is your company about?  Language, art, media? 
  • What is the reason for your name? I want to look at fashion as a culture and not just a multi-million/billion dollar industry.  How do you see your company?  
  • Brainstorm and be original.  Choosing your name is a process.
How to brand without spending a lot of money:
    •  The Internet can be a useful tool if you embrace it, otherwise it is a pretty scary place to navigate. The web offers so many ways to market yourself by using social networking sites. Some of these sites include GetGlue, Twitter, Etsy, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Soul Pancake, Facebook and Flickr, to name a few. The easiest of these sites to navigate and to set up accounts with are Twitter and Facebook.  
    • The real key is putting yourself out there.  If you don’t put yourself out there you’ll never get a response - positive or negative. So dive right in and Brand Yourself! 
    Story Flagg's blog:

    Angela's Note:  When you think of Pepto-Bismol, what color do you think of?  Pink, of course! Victoria's Secret?  Pink!  From the tissue paper that they use to the line of clothing they sell.  That's the kind of automatic thinking we want with branding.  Everything that you put out associated with your company including logo, gift wrapping, banner, etc should be cohesive and send one message.    What's the message you want to send?

    Find more info on branding at:


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