Wednesday, September 7, 2011

5 blog posts when you're out of ideas!

In the blogging world, a week without a blog is tooooo long!  You're out of the loop, at the bottom of the pile.  People are busily blogging away and you're.....dry.  Out of ideas?

Following are some helpful posts when you write out of ideas!  Keep them handy when your brain runs dry:

My personal fav from this list:  Ask your readers to introduce themselves.

My personal fav from this list:  Write part 2 of a popular post you've written.

My personal fav from this list:  #6 Review (and critique) other blogs in your niche

My personal fav from this list:  Write a post in 10 minutes. Don't think. Just write.

My personal fav:  Write about how the way you used to do business compares to how you do it now.

Lastly, an interesting post on over-done blog ideas:

I've been researching this topic because I've been at a standstill for interesting topics that will also inform.  I don't want to tell you about my day, every day.  Do you really care what I ate for dinner?  When I become famous, you might.  But for now, I can serve you well by giving you tips, trends and ideas that will help you with your crafting, marketing and artist's life.  Because if nobody reads it, what's the point?

Angela Di Cicco


  1. Thanks for interesting ideas. But what if you only have less than five pwople that have signed up for your blog? I just can't seem to get any readers. Thanks for thisninteresting article. Karen

  2. Awesome ideas! Thanks! :)
    New follower from the Exposure 99 blog hop! Please follow back! Thanks! :)
    Through the Eyes of a Tiger


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