Monday, January 9, 2012

Is YOUR shop on today's post? Find out....

I was looking for a shop to WOW me and I found one!   Pamela is a self taught knitter.  Her second love is metal smithing.  PMZ Designs is a small store on Etsy with beautiful handmade items like these:

OK.  Red WOWS me!  But look how soft it is!

Or this fun shrug:

  PMZ also has hammered jewelry, which I love!  Can you say "Valentine's Day!"

Her prices are very reasonable too! Check out her shop:

Here are a few other shops to check out:

Beautiful handmade cards:

Jewelry by hand:

A collection of interesting items including jewelry, vintage and accessories

Handmade Napal clothing:

When we buy handmade, we're helping each other out!


Angela's Artistic Designs


Etsy mini

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