Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How to handle shop envy (Or stop comparing yourself to other shops!)

I used to look at other shops making button bouquets and see the number of sales they had and be....slightly depressed.

They had more sales - way more sales!  And my bouquets were just as colorful or creative!  Their prices were lower or higher.  I began to wonder about every decision I was making.  Maybe I should increase my prices or decrease my prices or make bigger bouquets or fancier button bouquets.  Were their photos better?  Well, some had professional photos done so yes, their photos were better.

How did they do it?  How did they increase sales and have a waiting list for bouquets? What is the secret of their success?  (Or rather, my perception of their success!)  I even emailed a few of them to ask for tips!

I still don't know the secret to the success of other shops. But I began focusing on myself, my shop and what I could do to increase my sales.

I  learned a few things about marketing my own shop, honing my photos, creating lovely bouquets and getting my name out there.

I learned as much as I could about listing and marketing and photographing my product and I continue to learn everyday.

 And I learned that when I keep the focus on me, I don't have time to fret about anyone else's shop!  And guess what?  My sales this year have been up and I've almost hit 100 sales!  Yay me! 

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  1. Great attitude...thanks for sharing this.

  2. Welcome to the age old "problem" of being a handmade artist! This happens to all of us at some point and you just have to work on your stuff move on. Keep up the good work!

    1. Appreciate that I'm not alone Teresa! Thanks!

  3. It can be so hard sometimes, but I find that when I stop comparing myself to other shops and start focusing on me, that's when things get better. I'm glad you found that out too!

    1. ElleSee, it's not always easy, but it always comes back to me!


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