Friday, June 22, 2012

Featured Artist: Garry Smith. Check out his beautiful Woodworking Shop

Garry of Woodworks by Gary creates these amazing and beautiful items from wood.  Garry's love of  woodworking began in his 7th grade woodworking class.  In 8th grade, he was awarded a blue ribbon at the State Fair for his set of walnut salad bowls.

I asked Garry how long it took to make a piece like the shelf below.  Like most  artists, his work is a process and it is not completed in one sitting.  Garry says, "Sometimes I have a piece of wood that inspires me but only part of the vision comes to me; then, as I am working on it, additional ideas come along until the project is felt to be complete."

Garry's offers insights into his own process, " It seems that I need to complete one dimension of the piece before the next step comes to me."

Garry also shared his struggle at pleasing the person or people who hired you, "...given a concept and then being told to make it my own can cause a great deal of stress because I am not trying to please just one person but many."

Here is my favorite - the Ballerina Shelf made from curly maple (leg and shelf sold separately):

Ballerina Shelf

Gary lives and creates his beautiful pieces in Michigan. Here's a photo of his amazing shop:

   I certainly wish my shop looked as beautiful!   Garry's shop has been featured in America’s Best Home Workshops a Better Homes and Gardens publication and in Fine Woodworking’s Tools and Shops 2004/2005 annual Issue. 

 If you live in the Upper Peninsula or Northern Michigan, you can view Garry's work in several galleries.

More of Garry's beautiful works can be found here:

Check it out and leave a comment to let me know what you think!

Angela Di Cicco
Angela's Artistic Designs!

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