Sunday, July 8, 2012

What can you do with a Button Bouquet? 25 uses!

What can I do with a Button Bouquet?   I am asked this question all the time!  People usually think button bouquets are just for weddings - but there are lots of ways to use a button bouquet!  Here are 25 ideas:

  1.  Wristlet or Corsage for Proms
  2.   As a gift for someone in the hospital
  3.   Perfect for someone with allergies to flowers.
  4.  For your daughter’s dance recital
  5.  A fun dress-up bouquet for a little girl
  6.   Bring a pink or blue bouquet to a new mom
  7.  Use in a theater production instead of silk flowers
  8.   As a centerpiece in a vase.
  9.  As an accent piece on a mantle. 
  10.  Great for a destination wedding
  11.  Sweet Sixteen
  12.   As Centerpieces for theme parties
  13.  Bring a bouquet to your favorite aunt
  14.  On a visit to an elderly neighbor
  15.   Quincinerra
  16.  Bat Mitzvah 
  17. Centerpieces for holidays like 4th of July or Christmas
  18.  As a Desktop Decoration
  19.  Bridesmaid’s bouquets
  20.   Boutonnieres                                           
  21.  Toss bouquets                                      
  22.  Flower Girl Bouquets                                   
  23.  Your rehearsal bouquet
  24.  For a wedding shower or baby shower
  25.  Of course, as your wedding bouquet
 Do you have any other ideas? 
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