Thursday, August 30, 2012

8 Tips for Happy Customers Part I

Know how to keep your customers happy?  While there are many things you can do, here are "Best tips for happy customers" picks by Becca Souder, customer service extraordinaire!  These work especially well in a brick and mortar shop but most can be adapted to online shops as well. 

1. SMILE! Keep your attitude light and upbeat. This will make the customer feel the same way.  *For online shops, this means keeping responses to emails positive and upbeat.

2. Kill them with kindness. Even with the rudest and unruly customers try to be as nice as you can. (This will cover you and piss them off at the same time!)

3. Be as helpful as you can. If someone has a question and you don't know the answer, do what you can to find an answer.  Customers appreciate you going out of your way to help them.

4. (For serving jobs) Stay attentive. People like to know that you are around if they need something. Don't smother them, but make eye contact every once in a while. *For online businesses, be available for questions and respond quickly.

5. Try to make a connection with your customers. This is the best way to get repeat business no matter what type of business you're in.

6.  If you do have repeat customers, make note of that and try to remember their regular beverage, food item, interest or style (depending on what type of business)

7. Always thank your customer for coming in and wish them a great day or evening. *Etsians are great for adding thank you notes & goodies in their orders. 

8. Customer service can sometimes be equivalent to acting. Even if you are having an awful day or have an awful customer, you're getting paid to help them. So keep it together and be the solution, not the problem.

9.  * NEVER gripe in front of the customers.  It just makes you look unprofessional. 

Please be reminded that you cannot make everyone happy. Some people are just rude, but try to keep a smile on your face and diffuse any messy situations instead of adding fuel to the fire.

Be the type of person you want to be helped by :)

Thanks to Becca Souder for her tips.  Becca has @ 10 years in the customer service realm and manages to keep a smile on her face even when it almost kills her!

Becca on her wedding day.
*These are Angela's additional notes


  1. Great tips! I especially love no.8--sometimes I have to act too when I'm having a bad day and I never want my customer to feel it.

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