Monday, March 4, 2013

28 Link lists for getting "likes" on FB

Do you use link ladders on FB to gain "likes?"  Some think these are not real "fans" and don't turn into "sales."  And that may be true.  But what is your motivation?  Do you want a relationship with people?  That's another way of marketing. 

I am interested in a) raising awareness of my button bouquets and b) reach.  The more "likes" we have the more reach we have.  That means friends of friends who see a post.  Many of  my posts go viral!  And these "likes" do share my posts, comment on my bouquets and "like" them which means more people see them! Plus they're fun to do!  I love watching my numbers grow almost as much as I love watching my sales grow! 

You'll find many types of ladders: weekend ladders, overnight ladders, open wall pages and more! Sunday night FB is bouncing with link ladders!

Some promote their ladders better than others.  Some are no rules ladders, some ladders you must follow all the rules or be hidden.  Some ask you to share the ladder. So please read the rules carefully. Some also offer paid advertising so that's up to you.   Some offer incentives like free advertising or shout outs.  A bonus!

Here a some basic rules for all link ladders. First you MUST "like" from your PERSONAL page.  Second, when asked to "tag" your page, input your business like this: @angelasartisticbouquets.It will then link back to you.

Here's a list that I have compiled with link ladders on FB.  Check them out and decide for yourself.   I'm sure you'll find more as you join in on these!  Have fun!** didn't seem as active  RULES  **didn't seem as active **didn't seem as active



  1. Thank you for sharing your information! I will mark these links for later reading! Now all I need is a way to expose my blog and get more followers.

  2. Its very interesting and help to improve bussines


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