Thursday, October 24, 2013

Negative Review? How to deal with it.

Every now and then I come across a post that resonates with me. When I read this topic about negative feedback I realized it's a common problem, especially with online sites where leaving feedback is encouraged.

WeddingWire is a great resource for my button bouquets and alternative bouquets.  But they also offer tips like this one, "How to respond to a negative review."

I especially like the first one, "Never write a response while you're still upset."  Yes! Do I need to remember that! 

Come to think of it, it's good advice for other areas of my life.  Think first.  Let the first response go by without acting on it. 

Today I had the opportunity to put this advice into practice.  Someone opened a case against me on one of my sites for "item not as described."  I take great care to describe my items as accurately as possible, so this was a surprise to me.  Lo and behold, I could see there was some ambiguity in the wording. 

Before I sent off a response, I called my daughter, who also sells on the site.  This gave me a few moments to calm down and get some advice.  When I brought it back into perspective, I was able to thoughtfully respond.  The issue resolved itself quite nicely!

Check out the link with the rest of the tips on resolving a negative comment from WeddingWire:

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  1. I actually wrote about something similar recently and this was also one of my thoughts; pretty much a careful choosing of words is the best way for a first step in solving an issue. :) I'm glad your case was solved in an amiable way! Communication is definitely important. :)
    Have a lovely day!


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