Thursday, January 30, 2014

6 Things NOT to say to a Grieving Parent

I'm starting the New Year off with a post that really touched my heart.

Most of us have lost a loved one. It's painful whether it's a parent, grandparent or friend.  But I can't imagine losing a child!

It seems we never know what to say to someone's loss, especially when it is the greatest pain imaginable!

My friend lost her daughter last year.  One thing that she seemed to appreciate is that I kept checking in with her.  Just a text asking, "How are you today?"  Or a call that said, "I'm thinking about you," especially on those "firsts." First birthday, first Mother's Day, first anniversary.

So when I read this article, I thought, "I must share this! " It's wonderful advice, if poignant, from someone who knows.

It's worth the read to find out 6 things NOT to say to a bereaved parent.  And what to say instead.


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