Wednesday, June 24, 2015

"Juicy" Gifts.... from the Universe

"Juicy gifts!" I love that! My friend recently wrote me, having a difficult time with some changes in her life. In describing them, she said that there is room for growth in the "juicy gifts."

Wow! That really spoke to me!

 Yes, juicy can be luscious and also messy! Think of an orange - slice it open and juice squishes out everywhere. Bite into it and it rolls down your chin. My personal messy favorites are hoagies from Philly and pizza from the Jersey shore. Both soooo messy, greasy, dripping down your arms. But many would agree, the absolute best taste!

Our greatest gifts are both - messy with hidden blessings. Like being a "celebrity" for example. Lots of $$$ if you're lucky, to purchase the finer things in life, but also lack of privacy.

 Life is messy! If we lived the gilded life all the time, we'd be bored, wouldn't we? If we didn't have bumps and rocky roads, we wouldn't fully appreciate the joys. It's like putting red next to green. They complement each other and draw out the most vibrant color of each.

 I'm happy to be living with my mom again, like I've returned to my childhood in some ways - both good and not so good. There are so many blessings, but also difficult times.

 I think that's where the real emotional maturity lies - in accepting both - the whole enchilada of life!

 The messy, rocky, ugly and the beautiful, wonderful, glossy! Really being present with both. Not running away and hiding, not pushing it deeper down and not trying to change anything.

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